Homes for sale in Marche, Italy. Property to renovate and country houses

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Le Marche

Gestioni Immobiliari Casa Mia Marche
di Sandro Marziali
63025 Montegiorgio (AP)
Via S.Martino 59
P.I.: 01781830441
C.F.: MRZ SDR 54M05 F520N

63025 Montegiorgio (AP)
Via S.Martino 59

Cell.: (+39) 393 5246264


Casa Mia Marche Real Estate Agency is specialized in country houses to renovate or already renovated, farmhouses, modern and old villas, houses in old town centres, flats, residential zoning, agricultural and industrial sheds, commercial activities all over national area. Casa Mia Marche also team up with well-qualified professionals and a confidence lawyer for anny for any need, and finally collaborate with best lending institution for alse forty-year loans and up to 100% of building value.


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